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We the best general contracting construction services mostly offers Brownstone, Brick Pointing, Stucco, Masonry Concrete, and Waterproofing works as well as anything that involves heavy machinery. We have over 20 years of experience in all aforementioned jobs. Whether you have a certain room in mind to improve, such as the bedroom, common room, kitchen, bathroom, or home addition, or you want better utilization of space, more natural light, added storage space, improved efficiency, outdoor living space, or an updated exterior – We Can Help!

Brownstone facade restoration

Brownstone Facade Restoration

With twenty years of experience, We are the Brownstone Experts. You can count on us to bring back the traditional urban look.

Brick Pointing

Brick Pointing

Its essential to repair and repoint the bricks, it keeps the mortar joints intact. Over time extreme weathers can decay the brick joints, it can also allow water to get in.

Stucco Repair

Stucco Work

Lot of people gets confused between Stucco and plaster, difference is in the mixture of the ingredients. The biggest difference is the blinder, which holds everything and cures the rock hard consistency.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

The flooring professionals at Construction offering laminate flooring and timber flooring.

Floor Tiling

Tiling & Painting

We offer quality tiling and painting solutions for interior and exterior. Whether it is residential or commercial our job lasts long and also looks beautiful.

Patio Brick Installation

Outdoor Patio

During the summer its typical to spend more time outdoors. No doubt about a outdoor patio can be entertaining, which also adds significant value to your home.

Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen Remodeling

Let us make your dream come true. Our professional team of masons can uplift the look of your kitchen or your bathroom with various designs.

Completed Bathroom at a Berber Shop

Bathroom Remodeling

Let us make your dream come true. Our professional team of masons can uplift the look of your kitchen or your bathroom with various designs.

As a leading construction company in New York, we have provided perfect building services. We provide general construction contracting services in NYC efficiently and reliably while building customers’ trust consistently. In the beginning, let’s see how many construction services we prefer and similarly what your benefit is from construction estimating services in NYC. Below, we describe what contractors do at General Contracting Services, NY.

We specialize in general contracting construction services like Brownstone restoration, Brick Pointing, Stucco repair, Concrete Masonry, unfinished hardwood flooring, tile work, paintwork, tile patio, Kitchen remodels, bathroom remodeling services, Roof repair services, brick walkway installation services, power washing, home renovator service, kitchen renovation services, kitchen renovation services, bathroom remodel, bathroom renovation NYC, etc., as well as anything that involves heavy machinery.

On the other hand, we do some creative and natural work. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovation work with green systems we prefer for our customers.

Key Point For Our Valuable Customers From Perfect General Contracting Construction Services NY For A Project: What Do Contractors Do?

1. Initial Meeting and Assessment: First, while we will discuss the needs, goals, and expectations of your construction project. We will understand your vision for the project and evaluate the site accordingly.

2. Project Proposal: Prepare a comprehensive proposal that outlines the project in detail. In addition, it comprises construction selection, consumables, forecasted costs, task timelines, and unique functions or requests.

3. Review and Discussion: Submit proposals for your feedback to clarify. Please address any questions or concerns about the project and be open to adjusting aspects of the proposal to meet your additional needs.

4. Contract Making: A formal contract will be made based on an agreed-upon proposal. The agreement shall ensure that all aspects discussed, including project scope, payment terms, change order procedures, and legal requirements, are included in the contract.

5. Obtain Necessary Permits and Approvals: Before starting construction, research will be done, and necessary permits and approvals from local authorities will be initiated. This ensures freedom from policy and legal hassles.

6. Project Schedule: A detailed schedule will be developed to break the project into tasks and milestones. This schedule helps all concerned understand the timeline and progress.

8. Material Procurement and Resource Allocation: Labor, tools, and equipment will be effectively allocated to ensure an efficient construction contractor and source materials according to project needs.

9. Construction Preparation: Prepare the site by clearing debris, erecting necessary temporary structures, and ensuring the safety of workers and visitors.

10. Commencement of Construction: Construction will commence per the established schedule. You will be informed of progress and possible deviations from the plan.

Contact the best construction contractor services in NYC, USA.

11. Ongoing Communication: To demonstrate the Project, regular communication with you will be maintained through updates, reports, and meetings. This transparency builds trust and allows for quick resolution of any issues.

12. Quality Control and Inspection: Certainly quality control systems will be implemented to ensure that work meets industry standards. Inspections will be arranged by the concerned authorities to verify compliance with the regulations.

13. Project Completion: When construction is complete, you will inspect the site to identify remaining work or adjustments. If there is any objection, it will be resolved by discussion. This ensures that the project meets their expectations.

14. Final Documentation and Handover: Certainly you will receive all relevant documentation soon. You have the information to understand and maintain the entire project with a manual, warranty, and certificate.

15. Final Payment and Closeout: For instance the financial aspects will be finalized after your approval. Ensure that the terms of the contract receive all payments. The administrative functions of the construction contractor’s office will be completed to conclude the project formally.

16. Construction Contractor After Sales Support: Construction Contractors is dedicated to providing you with after-sales service for any construction-related issues after the completion of our services. Your service is our goal.

More importantly, above all procedures are very clear and transparent for our business. As a result you get gorgeous general construction contractor service from perfect construction USA Corp.

However General contractor construction services include more areas of work where all kinds of construction work are included, and they are nearby in New York City, USA. So feel free to contact the best construction contractor service near NYC, USA. We also provide construction estimating services in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island, USA.