Stucco Repair
Stucco Repair

Project: Stucco Restoration

Location: 3408 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NYC


Summary of Project

At First, we got rid of the old stucco of the wall with chisels and hammers, till you reach stucco that’s firmly glued to its lath. Cut any metal mesh with snipes. Cover the Exposed Lath with roofing nails then put a second layer of paper on top of the first. After that, add mesh, put galvanized metal lath over the paper to trip it tight against the edge of the stucco, stick more roofing nails to keep it firm stuck to the wooden lath.

Mix the stucco, apply the first coat of the stucco. Also need to wet the edge of the old stucco it won’t stuck moisture out of the patch, which can weaken the bond between the old and the new. Smooth the mix with the finishing trowel, then pack it against the edge of the existing stucco with brick trowel. Put on the 2nd coat, leave it on for 3 days, cover it with plastic. After 3 days remove the plastic, put on the final coat.


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