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Brownstone Facade Restoration

Our twenty years of Experience speaks volumes of our work. Restoring the century old brownstone facades to keep the original Beauty of New York City is our pride.
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Brick Pointing

Its essential to repair and Repoint bricks keeps the mortar joints intact. Over time extreme weathers can decay the brick joints, it can also allow water to get in.



Waterproofing on a building’s roof or basement to keep water from entering. Typical side waterproofing products include hydrophobic systems such as asphaltic/organic based rubber and plastic fluids.


Stucco repair

Lot of people gets confused between Stucco and plaster, difference is in the mixture of the ingredients. The biggest difference is the blinder, which holds everything and cures the rock hard consistency.



We offer quality tiling and painting solutions for interior and exterior. Whether it is residential or commercial our job lasts long and also looks beautiful.


Masonry Concrete Work

Masonry also known as stonework or brickwork, which is made up of large units of stones, bricks or blocks. They are bound together by mortar to have a monolithic structure.


Kitchen/Bath Renovation

Let us make your dream come true. Our professional team of masons can uplift the look of your kitchen or your bathroom with various designs.


Who We Are ?

We the Perfect Construction USA Corp team continuously giving our best to meet our client’s satisfaction. We are one of the best not only because of our service but also keeping it professional at all levels.

Construction is a dangerous business and We at Perfect Construction USA Corp take every precaution to protect our workers from the risks of the job. Our employees are required by law to wear safety harnesses at all times.


Why Choose Us ?

We Specialize on Brownstone Facade restoration, Brick Pointing and Waterproofing Basements and roofs. Our contracting service also includes Masonry concrete, all types of heavy machinery jobs to Home remodeling such as Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen renovation. We are exceptional in our work. Our twenty years of experience, speaks volumes. Our work is our Pride.

  • We Are Creative Team
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving


Check out why our customers loves us in each projects

Perfect Construction USA folks had worked on my house on Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Just like their company name, they did perfect job on restoration of the Brownstone Facades. Their masons are excellent with hand, they perfectly blended facade sandstone.


Me and my wife absolutely loved the Ryin Brothe’rs job on my house in Manhattan, NY. They remodeled a bathroom as well as restored front stair facades. Perfect Construction USA employees are very professional and diligent with their work. I would definitely recommend them.

Brown Family

Perfect construction USA Corp, had done a great siding and waterproofing job at my house in Bedford – Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. They were very timely and professional.